SANDRA J VAN DEN HAM An 'up-and-coming' artist to be watched!

Truly a romantic at heart, Sandra strives to bring emotion and warmth into each piece of art. Born in Burnaby, B.C. in 1957 and enrolled in her BA studies at Douglas College by the 80's. These days you will find her in Salmon Arm painting, enjoying family and friends, raising her son, and teaching PAINTING MADE EASY oil classes.

Sandra's childhood was all about horses! When she wasn't riding, she was painting them. A well-known western artist, Tom Hilbourn, took notice of her work and offered to take her under his wing but she never had time to follow her dreams until now. So with a pocket full of horse memories, she will soon develop a new series. So keep checking in.

Sandy later developed a love of portrait and figurative painting, and by age nine, she completed a rendition of the "The Last Supper" which hung in a prestigious spot on the wall above her grandparent's dining table until their passing. This work, along with many other priceless originals, was lost when her home and studio were claimed in the 2003 Kelowna forest fire.

Even this didn't slow her down. By 2006, she opened a quaint art gallery from her popular 'Okanagan House Bed and Breakfast' in Kelowna. Her art was sought after by guests and collectors from as far away as England and Italy.

You may have recently seen Sandra's work in the Shuswap region shows. Her unique painting style makes her work easily recognizable as she captures some of life's most cherished moments. Sandra earned the prestigious John Edgar Patterson Award at the Shuswap Festival of the Arts 2009 as well as several other Peoples Choice Awards in Salmon Arm and Blind Bay her first year in town. She has recently become involved with Geo Quest donating a collectible mini-series of original oil paintings for this fun and high-tech treasure hunt.

Sandy's personalized painting method often begins with a drawing outlined directly on the canvas, paintbrush only…no pencil sketching. She then blocks in values with warm sepia tones prior to applying any color. According to one of her fellow artists, "Sandy's painting process is entertaining to watch and other painters stop by to observe".

Critics have been quoted as saying: "Her work is strong"; "She has a real facility with paint"; "Empathy for her subject matter comes across so naturally in the actual work"; "A nice story going on"; "A narrative that involves the viewer"; "Nice sense of light, shadow and luminosity". An 'up-and-coming' artist to be watched! Her work is desirable and the price is still affordable.

Look for Sandy's "Painting Made Easy" classes in the Shuswap!

Note: Special pricing on any painting at a show will be honored if you see a price difference online.