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July 30,2011
What a small world...

The Festival of the Arts for 2011 has once again come to an end and the artists have picked up their art and their awards. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the volunteers and art lovers who make this event possible every year. A big congratulations to Sharyn Olfert on winning the John Edgar Patterson Award and thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to bring home the Peoples Choice Award. It was a great turn out and an engaging show with more than two hundred pieces of art from various genres.

I have to share a story about what a small world this is…is it just coincidence? A funny thing happened on my way home from the Sorrento Festival. As some folks might know from reading my biography, I was a realtor for almost 30 years prior to settling in Salmon Arm to become an artist. Art is a fairly new endeavor for me. The fast acceptance of my work and oil painting classes has been very rewarding. It is pretty exciting to win awards and certainly to sell art…especially in this economy. So when one of my paintings sold to an individual who apparently purchased five pieces of art on the final night of the Festival…it was fantastic. I planned to contact the buyers to thank them and let them know that the painting would still require a final varnish.

However, on the way home my cell phone rang and I pulled over to receive a call from a gentleman introducing himself as a realtor from Vancouver. I was awaiting this call as I had initiated it earlier regarding a real estate transaction referral. My neighbors in Salmon Arm had relocated to Vancouver and in the process of looking to buy a house in Vancouver, they asked me contact a specific Vancouver realtor who listed a property they wished to view. The realtor immediately asked me if I was an artist and said that he recognized my name. I was totally surprised…how could he possibly know me? When I confirmed that I was an artist he proceed to tell me that he thought he had one of my paintings on his wall in their Scotch Creek Cabin and that their goal is to have only local artists work in their summer home. What are the chances that this same agent calling me to confirm this real estate appointment…was the same gentleman that purchased my painting on a family holiday at the Sorrento Festival the day before! The odds of something like that must be incredible…right up there with finding a needle in a haystack! Is it coincidence? I never buy Lotto tickets, but I did that day!

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