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January 22,2011

Teaching art to others is really a wonderful and enriching process. Part of the process for me is watching DVD's, reading art books and attending weekend workshops in the pursuit of new ideas, materials and techniques to share. For many, the risk of learning from books and DVD's is simply reading and understanding information but never actually attempting the techniques. For example, you may read about different ways to employ brush strokes…but you may never actually stop and try it. You've perhaps read about mixing grey…have you done it? You struggle with the color theory you're read about…but have you done the basics and created a color chart with your colors? This is where art classes are beneficial. Today with brush in hand, music softly playing, I read and reread the passage in my new art book and try different exercises in readiness for Monday morning class. To complicate matters, there is so much information available and no 'one method'…although there is a common thread of basics. Every book, every videos, every instructor says something slightly different, does something different, thinks in a different way. With so many styles which would you choose to adopt? Thankfully it isn't possible or even necessary to know everything or do it all one way. You can choose what you enjoy and apply it to your inherent style. It is my job to develop the artist inside of me, and as a teacher, to help others develop the artist inside of them by employing techniques. That is my mission. How exciting. So after the basics are out of the way, the sky is the limit with many paths by which to arrive. The path is littered with objects and your will must be strong. So it is good to be clear on your objectives. Do you want to be a serious artist? A hobby artist or something in between? How much time can you set aside to achieve your mission? Are you willing to take a chance and risk failure… risk success? Do you have a friend you can paint with outside of classes? Hopefully someone further along the path so that you can 'paint up' to his or her level. Maybe join a group of like-minded individuals? A local club? Remember, if god gave you the desire to create…you were also gifted the ability to achieve your goal. Take baby steps but get started today. So get some quality instruction for support and to speed up the process of learning the basics without 'reinventing the wheel', but in the end, you must find your own voice. You must pick up the brush and paint. YOU will eventually emerge…you can't prevent YOUR VOICE from showing up. It is a natural process. Trust it. Once you get 100 or more paintings under your belt… you will begin to see who you are and where you have been. Just paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, paint….there are no short cuts.

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