Art Gab - learning the ropes
October 15,2009

Well after a year and a half of severe back trouble caused by moving in 2008 and bad mattresses I had to cancel Artwalk in Winfield at the last moment. Unable to to cancel my Plein Air painting trip to Gabriola without losing all my money... I went anyway and found myself completely challenged hauling my gear up and down trails...taking pain killers by the handful and exhausted from chronic pain and no sleep. Turns out that god was on my side as he led me to treatments at the Haven resort during my stay. Thank you Duncan for your amazing Structural Integration sessions. I am pain free and ready for a great fall! If you're ever visiting the Haven Resort on Gabriola, be sure and look up Duncan Fraser MTC, DipC for your body care. At the Gabriola retreat with the FCA I painted Plein Air with Brian Atyeo, David Langevin, Suzanne Northcott and the master of color...Stephen Quiller! I even got to meet and paint on the beach with Brent Heighton and watch Robert Genn...the featured artist paint from memory on an overhead projector in his unique lawn chair/easel. I ended up purchasing one of Brian Atyeo's last paintings from his JAZZ series and a small plein air painting from Brent. Brian loved my painting style and even wrote 'Go Sandy' on the back of my painting. Thanks Brian. I would have loved to buy a Robert Genn and a Stephen Quiller and still may do so...just can't get enough great art. It's wonderful to know that there is so much information out there being shared and that as an artist we can be life time learners. I just ordered the Stephen Quiller color wheel and his book. I'm glued to every work and just about finished reading it. Almost ready to apply some of his theories and hopefully share it with my students. Also just watched Ian Roberts Plein Air Painting there is lots to share in upcoming classes this fall. Lessons are just starting at my home studio. Tuesday nights and Friday mornings are starting now. Check lesson times... Tuesday nights are just about act fast.

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